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Murray Turner:

Murray is a fourth generation Horticulturist spending over 40 years in the industry with vast experience in numerous fruit crops both in NZ and Australia and latterly the wine grape industry in the Waitaki Valley since its inception in 2003. Murray looks after River-T Estates field operations when he is not managing the Valleys local irrigation schemes or tinkering with his collection of 70’s motorcycles.

Karen Tweed:

Murrays partner Karen has a distinguished background in sales and marketing and can always be found hands on in our vines when she is not out and about marketing River-T’s wines or keeping up with the administration and social media that is important in any business. Karen’s love of cycling, running and fitness mixes perfectly with the regions burgeoning cycling and hospitality tourism.

Dean Browne (Deano)

Deano has played a major part in the health and care of vineyards in the Waitaki Valley for many years. Every block planted throughout the valley has had Deano attend to it at some stage . Living in Oamaru means driving 40 minutes to work in the vineyards each day. Such passion and commitment .


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